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March 25, 2015

Online German lessons

So you have decided to make the German language your next foreign language and you do not know where to start.

Finding a school in your location that teaches German might not come in as an easy task. If you ever do find a German school at your city or location, probably this one is too expensive and usually does not include real German teachers . If this is the case you could try the following options:

  • Meetup.
    Mingle is a fantastic platform to meet people of all ages, gender, races and interests. Meet and mingle with fellow German Speakers by joining a free German Language Meetup to practice your German.

  • Social Sites.
    There are many language learning communities out there were you can meet other learners and even German nationals to collaborate and improve your German.
  • Learn German on Facebook, Twitter and Co.
    You can join German language groups and publications, like pages for German learners, chat with German friends or tandem partners. A great way for free German Online learning.
  • Free online German TV streaming.
    Watching German movies and tv is free online and if you study the movie, instead of just watching it, it will greatly help with your language learning. Needless to say, that Youtube‘s many German learner channels are also one of the best ways for free German online learning.
  • Free Apps and Courses.
    First of all, you must realize that there is not really a guarantee that sites that offer free courses will have you speaking fluent German in little time.
    Some free online courses offer you videos of basic conversations such as greeting, asking for directions, order a meal, etc. This will come good as a great start to familiarizing with the language.
  • Read free books online.
    Reading German books and German magazines online is fantastic method for free online German learning.
  • Unfortunately, several sites and many of the methods above do not include a complete guide on how to learn the language in an autodidactic form. They usually require a tutor. If you do not have a tutor that fluently speaks German to help you through, it is preferable that you omit this type of services.

    Taking free German lessons sounds like a good plan for beginners who are not willing or cannot afford lessons. However, not all sites that offer you learning will promise to make you speak fluently. If you want to get deeper into learning the language, move on to professional accounts.

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