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Package Extensions

Package validity

All packages have validity of 365 days from the date of purchase. It is thus important, that you check the expiration date regularly.
You have multiple options before your package expiration date to extend or use all your lessons.
If you notice, that time is running up, make sure you act to prevent loosing your lessons. Read your 3 options below.
Unfortunately, we cannot extend packages passed their expiration date.

Your options before the expiration date


Option 1

Please note that the expiration date refers to the package, not to the hours remaining in it.
Hence, it is possible to book the remaining hours up to 4 weeks past the expiration date. This is the period you can schedule lessons in advance in your teacher’s calendar.

Option 2

However, if it appears that the remaining hours can not be consumed within the valid time period and 4 weeks after you can give away any number of hours from your package to your family, friends, colleagues or other person who might want them. 


Option 3

Alternatively, contact our administration (admin@germanonlineinstitute.com) and purchase a 6-month extension of your package.

We charge a fee for this service:

A deduction of the time remaining on your package.

The deduction is 1 hour for every 10 hours:

Extending 1-10 hours = 1 hour deduction

11-20 = 2 hours deduction

21-30 = 3 hours deduction

31-40 = 4 hours deduction



Price Increases & Extensions

In case of a price increase between the purchase and extension date:
We will apply the new pricing to the package before we calculate the remaining lessons and extension fee. This will lead to a further deduction.

Please remember:

No hour transfers or extensions are possible after the expiration date.

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