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We offer individual courses from A1/A2, B1/B2 up to C1/C2.
Start anytime, no matter your previous knowledge and study goal.
Learn German with your own German tutor online . German Online Institute offers personalized high-quality classes with a qualified German teacher via Skype from just 13 to 17 Euros an hour depending on the package you choose!


Many Good Reasons to Choose Us

Qualified, Fun & Experienced

Our teachers hold teaching degrees and have mostly hundreds of offline and online lessons under their belt.

They are young or young at heart and just love to teach German. Why not meet such amazing people?

Fair & Accountable

We are a registered online German school with a valid tax ID.

Different from many of our competitors there are no hidden subscriptions or upfront payments before the free trial lesson.

Our product is straightforward with no subscriptions or hidden charges:
(1) take a free trial
(2) decide  
(3) buy one lesson at a time or many, this is totally up to you
(4) re-buy whenever you are running out , if you want (or not)


We will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your booking request and will do our utmost to give you the best service and learning experience possible.

Affordable & Excellent

We offer a FREE TRIAL the best VALUE for money on the market
Prices include:
  • All materials
  • Qualified teachers
  • 100% support 24/7
  • 60 minute lessons from 13-17€


You can take lessons 7 days a week, 6-11pm German time.

You will be matched with a German teacher who provides the times you would like and with whom you will preferably stay, as this will support your progress. But we also offer replacement teachers during holidays, sickness or any other reason so you never have to put your lessons on hold.

Safe and Fast

Study with a qualified German tutor online from the comfort of your living room without having to let a stranger into your home!

You will progress more quickly as you learn at your pace, but have 100% interaction with the German teacher . No group is holding you back and there is no group to hide behind.

Personalized & Recognized

No matter your study goal, nationality or level: We are ready for you!

You will be matched individually to the best teacher for your level, goal and availability in order to ensure the best progress and customer satisfaction.

We teach according to the Common EU Framework of Reference for Language Learning and prepare you in general for all external exams, such as the Goethe exam, which many of our students passed with flying colours.We believe that it is important to offer online German lessons , which improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking, so that you can achieve an effective level of communication.
German Online Institute is definitely one of the best language courses I've ever attended.You will have the chance to improve not only grammatical skills but also speaking skills with experienced native teachers.I improved my German skills significantly thanks to the flexible course schedule, experienced and helpful attitude of all GOI Family.I would recommend German Online Institute to anyone who is interested in becoming fluent in German.
Önsel B.A. (Turkey, students since 2013)
I am really glad I found them. They've prepared me for C1 Goethe Certificate in a few months and I've made a great progress in my speaking skills. It's very comfortable way of learning language - time scheduling is very flexible, you learn from your home and you have all your new grammar vocabulary in Skype history log. Lessons are fun and friendly, it's very easy to find a topic to discuss and you also learn a few good tips how to improve your German in your free time. I really DO recommend.
Martin S. (Czech R., student 2012-2013)
I have been a student of the German Online Institute for two years now, and I really enjoy the one-on-one instruction and the conversation that I couldn't get in a classroom environment.  Of course with Skype it's extremely convenient -- during my lunch hour at home, I can take lessons from a German native who lives in Berlin.  My instructor challenges me and doesn't let me get lazy in our conversations.  She's flexible, punctual, and easy to chat with.   
Jim C. (USA, student since 2011)
 I'm very happy with the lessons that I am taking.  When I started taking classes with German Online Institute, I could not speak one sentence in German.  After three months I am able to have a conversation with my teacher only in German.  My teacher Claudia is amazing.  She knows how to make the class enjoyable while challenging me at the same time.  I highly recommend German Online Institute for their professionalism and results. 
Wellington B.G. (USA, student since 2013)
 The school offers a very pleasant and convenient way to keep your German alive. As a pretty busy person I appreciate the opportunity to have regular flexibly scheduled and highly customized classes without the need to travel to a physical classroom. 
Sergey Z. (Russia, student since 2012)
I started German lessons as beginner and had to try and fit them into my very busy schedule. Learning with the German Online Institute has been the perfect solution. My teacher, Olesia, is fantastic and very flexible, enabling me to have short lessons in my lunch break, early in the morning or late at night - and is often available at very short notice. I am really enjoying my lessons and hope to continue making good progress over the next few months. 
Camilla M. (GB, student since 2013)
At first thought about the idea learning via Skype, it didn't work in my head but your school offer a free trial class so actually i don't have anything to lose so i tried it and it was far better than i thought so l asked for more classes i found it more better so l left my private live in person teacher and take more classes with the school because you can really develop all language skills via Skype believe it or not now i have recommended the school for some of my friends and one of them tried it and he did  the same how l said in the start
Abdulqader A. (Saudi Arabia, student since 2013)
 I have been taking one hour lessons once a week through German Online Institute  since February 2013. My teacher Claudia is wonderful. I needed help with conversation, so she prepares a lesson, but also takes time to chit chat with me in German. The lessons have help me become much more confident speaking German and are reasonably priced.
Kevin (UK, since 2013)
"After several years without learning German, I decided to resume my contact with this language in October because currently it is very useful for my job.
At first I was a little bit skeptical to take lessons by Skype, but after almost a year, I´ve no doubt that it´s a great way to gain access to a native speaker.  
In this time I´ve had lessons with Nina, and I learn grammar, listening and speaking because of her great patience and always with a smile. She is very attentive and helpful on correcting errors and teaching enjoyable lessons"
Beatriz M.R. (Spain / student since 2012)
After 2-5 years living in a German speaking country not succeeding to join German lessons due to working and private duties I was feeling extremely frustrated for not being able to learn and communicate on the language of the country I live at. Just by chance I learnt about German Online Institute… pitfalls are gone, now, I can manage the schedule with extreme flexibility with my teacher. Besides a 1:1 learning session allows for individualised attention and tailored process… all this with an extremely affordable and competitive price.
Monica G. (student since 2013)